2011 books: part 2

[[I began this book an embarassing length of time ago, but since I finished it in this calendar year, I am going to count it.]]

Like many Julia-lovers, I went to see Julie & Julia in theaters eager to see the hilarious, curly-haired chef portrayed by Meryl Streep.  Between the movie and the novel, I couldn't bring myself to love the character of Julie (she was a whiney lady, am I right?).  I did, however, love learning more about the life of Julia Child and her husband, Paul.  Since their love story was, in my opinion, the best part of the movie, I knew I had to read Julia's account of it all, on which that portion of Julie & Julia is largely based.

And I loved it.  I like to think that it took me so long to read because I was savoring it.  Julia actually wrote it with the help of her great nephew.  Her voice shines through so beautifully, telling the happy love story of her life with Paul and the start of her love for France and food.

It's a must read -- especially if you love food!

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