fit for a king

B and I had dinner at home a few Saturdays ago.  In typical fashion (thank you, Blake), the steaks we enjoyed were out. of. this. world. good.  Somewhat owing to the price we paid for them at W**** F****, and partly owning to the expert steak-grilling skillz of my husband.

vermontucky lemonades on the back porch (can you spot the crazy collie?)

clean tomatoes and a radish

tomato filling

tomatoes, stuffed 

summer salad (radishes from the garden!)

Saturday night dinner

The steak, a New York Strip.  The couscous-stuffed tomatoes, from this book (thanks, Judy!).  The radishes, from the garden.  The salad, inspired by Aunt Nancy and her wonderful dressing-making.  The company, fabulous.

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