New Year's weekend

We spent a relaxing NYE weekend in the Outer Banks with friends.  We had the good fortune of having the two most beautiful days of weather imaginable for this time of year.  Highs were in the high 60s with a few gorgeous clouds.  As we drove home to Alexandria on new year's day, the temperature dropped back down to more normal January levels.  But we sure enjoyed our weekend in the sun.

watching the sunset over the bay on NYE -- bye, 2011!

down the beach one morning

view of the ocean from the back deck

B and I doing a polar bear plunge NYE afternoon

I have so many ideas and so much hope for the year ahead.  I'm planning to go at it with an open heart and a ready and willing spirit.  Here's to this year.

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  1. Consider yourself followed! 

    Here's to a wonderful year indeed.  What more do you need than an open heart and willing spirit.... the perfect sentiment. 

  2. Thanks for your comment.  And I am pretty impressed by the polar bear plunge.  I don't think I am that gutsy.


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