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due to excessive amounts of summer session studying and clinical-going and paper-writing, I have been severely neglecting the old blog.  I have not, however, been completely neglecting the internet.  I do make time to decompress by taking in all that the interwebs have to offer and posting lots of pretty and inspiring things on my pinterest.

and so, here are some things I've been loving lately:

blasts from the past

dinner dates with my love

new line of neon straps for Sseko sandals

hours of free (and ad-free) music listening -- move over, Pandora! I'm over you and your loud ads

inspiring interiors to fuel dreams of a new place for B & I soon

stacks of summer reading, untouched, that I hope to squeeze in during my August break

evenings out with DC friends to celebrate birthdays

stay safe and hydrated in this crazy summer heat, friends! #sweatceiling lolz

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