crochet aspirations

I'm always planning my crafts out.  Like when I'm supposed to be studying, I'm thinking of what fabric I'll line my clutch with, or when really should be finishing a paper, I'm here on blogger telling you all the things that I want to crochet this winter.  :)

Here are some things from my Pinterest that have been inspiring my crochet aspirations for the cooler months ahead....

some fun bracelets, designed by Wren Handmade
Source: purlbee.com via Katie on Pinterest

some crocheted trivets in lovely colors with gray borders
Source: flickr.com via Katie on Pinterest

a giant doily rug to go on out (hopefully) hardwood floors sooooooon
Source: etsy.com via Katie on Pinterest

a big crocheted lion head, the pattern for which was made up in the amazing mind of Anna Maria Horner

and neon-accented crochet granny afghan? yes, yes indeed. from Purl Bee
Source: None via Katie on Pinterest

Click on the images to see them on my Pinterest, where there may be more info.  If not, the lovely thing about Pinterest is that it always links back to the original source!


  1. I start my crochet class this monday and your post got me so excited! 

  2. LOVE the giant doily rug and the neon afghan!  A little modern twist on traditional crochet.  


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