spring-y pasta

I have a confession to make: (if you hadn't already noticed) I cannot get enough of 101cookbooks.com.  Everything we make of hers, I love!  So I apologize if this seems repetitive, but here's another B+K dinner courtesy of my favorite foodie site.  We made this last night, and it was a wonderful, quick late Sunday night dinner.

[asparagus & avocado & parmigiana, oh my]
Spring Pasta. If the picture is unconvincing, believe me, this is definitely worth making.  Muy bueno.

And it just so happens that Heidi (the genius behind 101cookbooks) just released her second recipe book.  Isn't it beautiful?

[super natural every day]


  1. LOVE avacado and asparagus! I will certainly try that!

  2. I pre-ordered a copy for me and YOU! Dang my inability to make it to the post-office in a timely fashion.


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