denim on denim

So, I hear denim on denim is cool now.  Which I love.  I've always had a thing for the borderline clashing, mis/match look.  You know, wearing brown and black together without thinking twice about it, two to three simultaneous shades of turquoise like it's going out of style (ok, maybe the turquoise cord pants/sweater combo was a bit much -- thanks for calling it, C).  So, I gave this trend a whirl for our date to the thrift store Saturday afternoon...

[B poking fun at my self-timed self-portrait session]

In other style news, I was told that I should start acting as if my hair is intentionally ombre instead of facing the truth, which is that I've been neglecting it for months now.

Dear Trends,

Thanks for letting me to dress like the Midwestern girl that I am while also allowing me to forget about my gnarly tresses.

A girl who only needs a trim now


  1. I love denim on denim...you pull it off well :) That photo of your SO laughing is priceless!

  2. it is so good to see you both in the pic! and the soup looked amazing...but not as amazing as you and b..


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