{week of craft: update}

I finished my blue blouse and learned quite a bit along the way, I must say.  I learned that I should follow the directions of the sewing pattern I'm using.  Unlike cooking (a little salt here, a dash of pepper there) or baking (butter, oil, whatevs), sewing at my current level of expertise should be treated as a precise science.

Exhibit A:  the triangular chunks snipped in the collar of my pretty shirt. 

I thought that I was easing the curved edge, when in reality, I was cutting holes in my blue chambray.  An hour of improvisations (and minimal expletives) later, and I had a finished neckline.  It is a bit wider than it should be, but pretty normal-looking considering.

Pictures of the finished product will have to wait until a sunnier, less rainy spring day.... :)

In other (and more successful) sewing news, I used some upholstery weight Amy Butler fabric to transform our couch pillows from sad to happy!

I used the envelope method (open back for now -- may add buttons at some point) and even got out my calculator to figure out the extra seam allowance for the 1" edge.  Not rocket science, but like dad always said, measure twice, cut [sew] once!

I must admit that I have only done one so far.  Pillow #2 is waiting patiently in the wings.

All in all, a great weekend.

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