polka dot pants

With some major inspiration from Emily of RufflingFeathers and my MIL Mary Ann on her way to visit us in Virginia, I realized that polka dot pants were going to need to be in my immediate future.  I'm very blessed to have married into a family of incredibly loving and crafty people, so I knew I could count on MA to be in on the dotty pants idea.

The pants that originally inspired this crafty endeavor were these spring polka dot pants options at Anthropologie:

[Anthro pants]
MA and I went in search of brightly colored skinny pants at Target (out of our sizes) and then at H&M, where we finally found some blue ones we liked.  Never one to follow the crowd, MA went for large dots, and they turned out A-dorably.

[MA's gold dots - Instagram does not do them justice!]

[light blue pants with white dots, in progress]

[I'm no fashonista, but these pants seem to pair well with comfy slippers]

Go forth and make dotty pants!
Also, check out Paula and Katie's super-cute versions.


  1. Those pants are adorable.  And I'm no fashionista either, but I agree - they look pretty darn cute with slippers. 

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE them! The light blue is so perfect for spring. 


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