VINTAGE lately: beaded beauty

This summer, at an estate sale, I found a beautiful bright blue handmade satin dress.

As fate would have it, I found this lovely thing on 50% off day (the typical Sunday discount at estate sales).

Fearing it would look silly on me, I deliberated for a while about the dress before a sweet lady shoo-ed me into the bathroom to try it on.

It fit like a glove except for being a little loose in the bust.  Unlikely that I'll fill that out anytime soon, but it may be alterable. 

If nothing else, it sure is pretty to look at.  Do you think the sequins and beads are done by hand?  Amazing, either way.


  1. OMG I just found your blog and needless to say, I AM OBSESSED. This dress is incredible, I never find things this good at estate sales. Kudos to you!

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  2. Katie, this is beautiful!  How do you find estate sales to go to? I've always thought it would be neat to check one out, but am not sure how to go about finding one!

  3. Hey Susan!  This company puts on some good sales in Virginia: http://foursales.com/  I'll let you know the next time I go.  Also, sometimes Craigslist has some good estate sale listings.


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