MADE lately: paperbag skirt

I've found a lot of great treasures at thrift stores and estate sales this summer (I hope to share some more finds soon), and I've come to think of myself as a fairly good assessor of the value of others' discarded things.  Weird, but useful.

Earlier this spring, I found a not-so-cute homemade skirt that had been made from vintage-chic cotton lawn fabric.  So, I bought it for $2, brought it home, ripped out its wonky stitch lines, and (after some pinterest inspiration) made it into this elastic-waisted paperbag skirt.

It has been an easy to wear summer staple and almost looks like a dress when I wear it up high on my waist with a coordinating tank top.  I'm also fond of throwing a button up shirt over the whole shebang, but my taste in fashion can be questionable at times, so don't take my word on that being cool or anything.

I'm glad the beginner seamstress who sewed the original skirt gave it up to Goodwill -- take two now has a very happy home in my closet.

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