grey sweatshirt kind of day

Today is a grey day; steady, cold rain has been raining all morning.  I managed to drag myself out of the house to get coffee and some studying done after throwing on Blake's grey Sports Illustrated sweatshirt.

((I got my hairs trimmed yesterday -- don't they look fresh!?))

Which, after a funny email from my sister this morning mentioning something about 5th grade, reminded me of one of the most traumatic experiences of. my. young. life.

I was sitting next to Kyle H. in a "twosome" desk arrangement (you know, where you're in twos and it's awkward, especially when you end up next to the weirdos -- and ALL boys are pretty much weirdos at this point, let me remind you).  Kyle H. was a special kind of desk-mate.  Let's just suffice it to say that, in addition to his bad attitude, the rat tail/buck teeth combo made him quite my 5th grade antagonist. 

So one day, I decided to wear a stylin' outfit, grey sweatshirt and jeans, to school.  I walk into my classroom that morning and lo and behold, Kyle H. is wearing THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT.  I think our jeans were even the same hue.  I was mortified.  I considered doing a quick-change but couldn't take off my sweatshirt because I didn't have a t-shirt underneath!  I remember locking eyes with him, looks of horror in both our eyes, before he crossed his arms and looked away toward the window, leaving me with an excellent view of his rattail.  Also (very) embarrassing is the fact that I was almost definitely donning a ponytail and hot dog bangs. yeesh.  

So here's to grey days, grey sweatshirts, and the awkwardness of being an almost-middle schooler.  We've all been there.


  1. Oh my goodness I totally feel your 5th grade pain... but in retrospect it's pretty hilarious :)

    On another note, I happen to LOVE grey sweatshirt days too... so cozy!

  2. new name! http://seejaneruns.blogspot.com/

  3. Hello,

    Where did you get your sweatshirt?


  4. @980c79accd7a7d40f05c3f03aebae7af  my husband got this sweatshirt (probably over a decade ago) as a gift with his Sports Illustrated subscription. It's an oldie but a goodie!


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