hex nut bracelets

Have you seen the hex nut bracelet tutorial on Honestly...WTF yet?  Super fun and easy -- you really could go a lot of ways with this one.

don't mind the crazy cousin face, we are doing some serious crafting.
finished products

We made some a few weeks ago while my mom was in town for the weekend.  And I finally got around to wearing mine today.  I think I'll be sporting it a lot more now...


  1. These are really, really cute!

  2. I hadn't seen this tutorial yet -- So cute!

  3. oooh!! how did i not know about your blog! and this FANTASTIC little project. ah, off to the hardware store--where all good things begin :)

  4. Agreed! I absolutely love the hardware store. have fun bracelet-making!

  5. check out their other tutorials, too -- they have some great ones!

  6. Those actually look seriously chic. I don' t think anyone would be able to tell that those are hex nuts at first glance. This is now number 29 on my list of things I need to do when I finally get the time.


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