new day, new year

I have some resolutions.

I've never really formalized any of them before, but I figured that sharing them here might cause the two of you who read this to help hold me accountable for actually pursuing my resolutions this time around.  So, here goes.

1. Read the written word.  I picked up my Pathophysiology and nursing textbooks from time to time last semester, but those don't count here.  I hereby pledge to read one book per month and share a mini review of it on honeysweet.  I also want to read Psalms as I continue my intention to read the Bible start to finish.  Embarrassingly, I didn't even finish Genesis last year.  In my defense, there is a LOT going on in Genesis!  But I digress....

2. Exercise more faithfully.  I know, I know... so cliche, the exercising bit.  But I really want to push myself harder this year.  In order to get better at something, you really have to be consistent about it.  My goal for this year is to attend a class (yoga, bike, etc) once per week or, if that is not possible during a given week, to do something for my own personal strength, like getting outside and doing sprints up hills or holding planks for hours on end (we'll start with a minute).

3. Create more.  Although Paper Source has driven me crazy in the past, I do love their motto to "Do something creative everyday."  I'm certainly not pledging to bust out a masterpiece every day of 2011, but I do commit to giving myself the space to be creative each and everyday.  I've learned that this is what I thrive on, so it's important.  And I'd like to bring my etsy shop back from the grave, so keep your eyes peeled for some cute honeysweet aprons on the horizon.

4. Learn as much as I can.  I have one semester of nursing school behind me and three to go.  I have a renewed motivation for learning now that I am working on a degree which will directly impact the quality of care that I can provide once I am an RN.  More than being about getting a great grades, this year is about learning as much as I can both in the classroom and in the clinical setting, so that I can be the best graduate nurse I can be when I start working full time NEXT January-February.

So here's to a great year.
Bring it, 2011.


  1. I love your goals. Simple and worthwhile! Congrats on finishing the first semester of nursing school, form what I hear it's the hardest! Yay you!

  2. Looking forward to those book reviews! And Etsy :)

  3. Looking forward to those book reviews! And Etsy :)


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