garlicky greens

One of my favorite healthy side dishes to make as a quick companion to just about any meal is 101cookbook's garlicky greens.  Besides being nutritious and full of goodness, they fit our bill by being flavorful and fast.

I start by washing the kale really well -- it can be sandy.  Then I peel off the leaves by hand (they come right off the stem, as you can see in the picture!

A whole bunch of kale will cook down to be generous helpings for two .  If you like less, it could serve four.  But just prepared to be amazed with how much the stuff reduces.

You add a handful of freshly chopped garlic right at the end, which gives very fresh, spicy garlic taste, which I love.  The garlic only stays on the heat for about 30 seconds.

And, voila!  Delicious, nutritious garlicky greens to go with your meal.

Head over to 101cookbooks for the full recipe and LOTS of other delicious and healthy recipes to explore!  I am especially a fan of Heidi's awesome cookie and dessert recipes.  Happy cooking!


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