weekend wrap up

We enjoyed a weekend full of friends, family and good food.  I can't think of a better combo, myself.  You?

Lulu's Noodles on Friday night (always a hit)...

Then, on Saturday I met my friend Megan at Urban Arts and Crafts to pick out some fabric for the custom clutches I'm making for her bridesmaids!  It was so fun to mix and match and find the perfect combo.  Megan's getting married in Mexico this summer, and she wants her bridesmaids to have a fun little bag to carry with them when they're hanging out at the resort.  I'll be sure to post pictures after I finish them!

Saturday afternoon was super rainy and cool, which was perfect because I spent the afternoon crafting with some friends, including my friend Christina (who has the cutest baby things in her etsy shop -- check it out!).

This afternoon, I went to Megan's bridal shower at a cute crepe place in Liberty.  The crepes were amazing -- and the company was wonderful too.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery, so no pics.

Now it's time to hunker down for some studying.  B and I are in the home stretch with spring classes -- just a few more weeks until we're done with studying for a while.

I hope the summer doesn't come too fast... I'm really enjoying the spring right now.

purple weeds  flowers in our backyard

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