week of CRAFT

This week is my spring break from my classes! I have a few assignments to complete for school, but for the most part, I'm planning on really enjoying this time off and catching up on some long overdue crafting (still working the day job, of course, but it feels like freedom :).

pretty fabric inspiration from Darling Dexter.

I have so many different interests when it comes to crafting and thrift-store finds and refurbishing things that I often have so many more ideas than time to complete them. There are quite a few partially finished projects sitting patiently in my craft closet (or other various parts of our house) for their moment to shine.

SO, this week, I am going to bring some of these projects to completion. Some are big, some are small, and some may take a bit more than an evening to actually finish. But here's to a little craft closet spring cleaning and putting an end to procrastinating!

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