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I must admit that when it comes to cooking, there are few recipes that I repeat with much frequency. To me, there are just too many things out there to try; so why make the same things all of the time, right? Baking is a little bit of a different story (see last post -- who in their right mind can resist a good cookie?). This Ratatouille and Sausage Potpie is also a different story. Much different story, my friends.


If you like to cook and you haven't ever read the NYTimes Dining & Wine section, they you're missing out! In addition to the pictures being beautiful (and enticing), I really enjoy the writers' anecdotal descriptions of developing or trying out or just plain making up recipes. Last fall, after I read this article about autumn dishes and the ratatouille/potpie, I went straight to the store for some eggplant and zucchini and Scimeca's sausage.

zucchs and eggplant, ready to be massacred
[eggplant + zucchini]

It takes a bit of time to make (recipe says 1 hour and 25 minutes), but it is worth it. this little dish is delicious and great for fall (and winter!) and has never failed to please in our house.

Which is why I made it again last night for the THIRD time :)

biscuit dough fail ratatouille raw
[biscuit dough] [ready for the oven]

For some reason, I cannot do the biscuit dough the right way. I think that it is because as soon as I put the cornmeal in, I am in cornbread mode. So I always add too much liquid. But you apparently can't ruin this recipe. I did put forth a valiant effort last night, though, substituting soy milk, white whole wheat flour, and fat free yogurt in for the biscuits.

They were still amazing. Perhaps the 6 tablespoons of butter helped.

[Blake diggin' in]

And oh yes, we were eating at 9:19 pm. Family tradition, you know......

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