loving Emma

Not having cable has been way more of a plus than I had imagined. It's given us an opportunity to unplug from the television alot more and enjoy our busy newlywed life. When we do turn on the tube (which is hooked up to our snazzy government-subsidized digital converter box), we're more often than not watching one of the four or so public broadcasting stations. Some of our favorites at the moment are: Jacques&Julia (food Network can't hold a candle to Julia Child), This Old House (which I now find hilarious, but bored me to tears when I was forced to watch it as a kid), Primal Grill (this guy takes the love of grilling out to a new level), and now tonight... Emma on Masterpiece Theater.

There have been lots of ads for this, so apparently the Masterpiece people are pretty proud of themselves. I have to admit, though -- it looks great. I missed the first episode last week, but plan on catching up tonight. Emma was one of the few classics that I truly enjoyed in highschool, and I haven't ever seen a screen rendition of it. I'll let you know how it goes.... and/or you can stream it here... http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/emma/watch.html
(see how awesome public broadcasting is?)

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