an apron for a friend

A friend of mine got married the week before Christmas, and due to my nursing school finals, Blake and I weren't able to attend the wedding.  I wanted to send her an extra-special gift to celebrate her new married life, so I decided to make her an apron!

Jenny is a teacher and loves books, so the Anna Maria Horner fabric with the stacked books motif was perfect for her.  I stretched even my own comfort zone of color matching with the combos here (multiple patterned fabrics, lavender ric rac), but I really liked the way it turned out.

I hope you love it, Jenny!  and thanks for letting me model it before I sent it off to you -- I hope you and B are loving married life!

Keep an eye on my etsy shop for more apron creations.  I'm always up for doing custom aprons, too!  If you're interested, just email me at kphollander [at] gmail [dot] com


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